Privacy Policy


Our Privacy Policy says everything you should be aware of using our site. This policy is regarding the information we may collect from you and what we will do using the information. Generally, we do not collect your personal information. But we may collect some personal information whilst you are browsing our site unless you have placed an order via our website.

What kinds of information do we collect from you?

To provide the best services and the best products to you which are helpful for you We must collect some information from you so that we can know more about your choice and give you the services and products according to your choice.


How We Use and Share Your Information

We mainly use your information to help you provide the products that you like most. For example, we use your E-mail address to ensure it’s a legit account, not a fake account while you give your feedback about our product reviews through the comment section and the review section. We use your information to know about your choice and select the products. We may also use your information to send you notifications or suggested products for you.

Your Rights to use our website

You have certain rights to view, update, remove, delete, or any changes to your personal information that you have provided to us at any time when you want to change. It is secure and we do not share your information with others or third parties.